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The Creativity of Man

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The creativity of man

Abstract emotion is what separates man from animal. Humans are special. Just as nature exists naturally, so does our ability to feel emotion and so comes people's ability to love. With love will come the ability to feel lonely. Only Humans know that they are alone and Solitude becomes one of the greatest fears in life. Human;s natural existence revolves around communion. While emotion makes us special, human construct also is an ability that separates us from any other animal. Society and its concept is a creation of people. The idea of money and the financial world is all made by man. It is powerful and what makes our world move the way it does, but this does not mean a financial oriented world is the best way or ideal way to live. Living this way is not the right way. What this only brings is conformity and stress and creates a bleak and deadened world of a narrow spectrum of paths to take. Creativity is lost and however much money you have, money will not be anything without humanitarian world to support it. Money is not enjoyable without artistry and constructed beauty. It will value nothing, and values nothing compared to the vast imagination. The New York public schools system is planning to cut the humanities program from schools to bring up the deficiency in the more important fields such as “mathematics” and other core classes. While doing so may bring more knowledge in those fields, if one sees the bigger picture, it is only hurting our country. Not only is creative nature and culture curbed, our economy can be broken as well. The steady loss of knowledge in humanities can destroy America. Humanities creativity and it creates visionaries. By learning art culture and why or how people do certain things to obtain these aesthetics, people can then use it. First one must know about art. Then,

they will understand the art and...

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