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The Crest Whitestrip Challenge

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Case 2-2 - The Crest Whitestrip Challenge
Question 1 – Summary of Table A
After reviewing the table provided by Simmons Market Research Bureau, spring 2006 the most popular product is all whiteners with a 15.2% of adults that participated on the research. The second and third most popular products were the Whitening strips with 8.3%, followed by Whitening gels with a 5.5% of the adults that participated on the study.
The bigger users of any whitening products are females at over 65% while males represent only a 35% of the sales of whitening products. The age group that represent the highest number of sales are the 18-24 year olds with about 23% of the sales, followed by two age groups 35-44 and 45-54 both representing 18% of sales. Users of Whitening products by age groups

In addition the demographic that is among the biggest users are singles with 33% followed by divorced/separated with a 30%. College graduates and consumers with some college education are also among the biggest users of the whitening products both with 27% of the users.

The biggest users of whitening products are the household with the highest income with income over $150,000 representing a 13% of its users. Households with income in the range of $100,000 to $149,999 represent the second highest users at 12% followed by the household income range of $40,000 to $49,999 and $75,000 to $99,000 both representing an 11% of the users. Users of whitening products by household income

Among the most popular fields of professions as users of whitening products are Healthcare and sales both with a 19% of the users, managers and legal/education fields. Southeast of the U.S and the Pacific coast of the U.S are among its biggest users with 27% and 25% respectably.

The ethnicities that represent the highest number of users are Hispanics with a 28%, both Blacks and Whites represent the...

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