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The Criteria of Entering Global Market

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Product Size
Examine the global markets where you plan to sell your products for the standard purchasing patterns of consumers. In many international destinations, consumers buy items frequently, but in smaller quantities, due to transportation, space and monetary limitations. Match your product offerings to consumer behavior to increase your international product success. Offer smaller quantities in easy-carry packaging. Consider offering larger quantities in single-serve packages for sales at smaller, neighborhood-oriented stores.

Distribute your products through multiple channels to increase product awareness. In many countries, individuals buy a large portion of their consumable products in small neighborhood stores. The merchants in these stores obtain their supplies by direct purchases at larger or wholesale markets and through local distributors. Ensure your products are available in all distribution channels to increase product exposure and availability to all merchants. To help penetrate new global markets, offer samples, targeted promotions and joint distribution with an established product to increase product adoption.

Adapt your products to local tastes, governmental regulations, technological differences and cultural norms. Ensure product packaging uses appropriate terms and images for your target market. For example, remove cattle-based ingredients from products you sell in India due to common religious beliefs that cows are sacred animals. Consider using regional or country-specific cultural icons or celebrities to promote your product to make customers feel a greater product attachment. The more you adapt a product to your intended consumer, the more customers will try your products. For optimal success, make frequent product modifications based on sales and customer feedback.

Regional Management
Create regional...

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