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The Critique of Case Study: Specialty Food and Beverage Company

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The critique of Case Study:
Specialty Food and Beverage Company

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Specialty Food and Beverage company (SF), which founded in 2004 in Denmark, mainly covers foods and beverage, restaurants and hotel area. Recent years, the company had faced several problems which lead SF to an embarrassing situation. This assignment will introduce SF’s current issues, analyze the decision and then discuss the solution way which chose by SF’s high level management team.

Tim Casey, the owner also the operator of SF, has made an extraordinary forward for the company business in 1992. He used over fifteen years to arise the company revenues from $1 million to $25 million mark, successfully opening business markets for the company and transfer them to the permanent customers. As a growing business, there were lots of troubles start showing and many business competitors appear to share the market, which would give the retailers more pressures and force them to choose another cooperator.

The supply chain of the company is complicated and sensitive. The company gets the primarily tea from the Asia countries, such as China and India, which could make the company gets higher amount of tea with lower price. In contrast, this will costs extra time transfer tea products to the packing firm in delivery process . As Nepal stated that “ With annual production of 1,640,310 metric tonnes annually, only 299,789 metric tons, worth $965,080,000, are exported in the international market. All told, China contributes about 35% of the total amount of tea grown around the world.”(Dec 18,2013, para 1). Transfer primarily tea from China without packaging was a bad move for the company. As people known, China has the cheapest labor in the world, which would save a lot of cost for SF. However,…...

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