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The Culture Divide

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Human Resource Management
Case Analysis on Grievance Issues Related to Air India

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Case: Air India employees go on a strike after their grievances regarding parity in wages, delay in payment of their salaries and issues relating to working conditions could not be resolved. Currently the issue is going on as they have threatened to go on a strike on March 9, 2011.

In May 2007, India's Ministry of Civil Aviation announced that Air India Limited (AI), India's national flag carrier and Indian Airlines Limited (IA), the government owned domestic airline, would merge with effect from July 15, 2007.1 The new airline formed by the merger was to be called 'Air India,' and would operate in both the domestic and international sectors.
The AI-IA merger was expected to create one of the biggest airlines in the world in terms of the fleet size. According to information posted on IA's website, the increasingly intense competition faced by AI and IA from private and global airline companies, was the main reason for the merger of the two airlines. .
However, the proposed merger was not without its share of critics. Initially there was opposition from the employees of the two airlines as they feared that the merger would result in job cuts. The Aviation Minister, Praful Patel, had allayed their fears and assured the employees unions of the two airlines that employment conditions, wages, seniority and career progression, would largely remain unchanged. He also said that a grievance redressal mechanism would be set up to protect employee interests. The government also indicated that there would be no layoffs. Post merger, the airlines met with many problems. The Indian Commercial Pilots Association (ICPA), which represents pilots of the erstwhile Indian Airlines,...

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