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The Cup

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The Cup
Khyentse Norbu’s “The Cup” (Comedy, 1999) the World Cup is being held in France while two young refugees arrive at a monastery in India. While the setting and feel of the monastery would usually be serene and peaceful, it is disrupted by the excitement and hype about the world cup. The main anticipator of the World Cup is a young and mischievous student named Orgyen. Orgyen nows that the World Cup is very important to him, as do many other young boys in the monastery, and he will do anything it takes to be able to watch as much of the games as he can. As this occurs, the head of the monastery contemplates on the changes of the world and how this greatly is affecting the young boys in the monastery. Although technology and tradition and this undying difference, they can ultimately come together and create something great for both the students and the Abbot. The students, particularly Orgyen, idolize soccer and the World Cup. The fascination and wonders of other cultures bring them into a deeper love for the sport and the thrill that comes with the World Cup. These students are willing to do almost anything to be able to experience the World Cup, especially Orgyen. He goes over the line, bringing other students along, and sneaks out to watch one of the games at a place they paid money for. However, the Geko and Abbot are not at all concerned with this idea of soccer and other cultures. They only wish that the young students study their lessons, behave more in rituals and ceremonies. The Abbot laughs at the idea of people “fighting over a ball”. And when they discover the boys have snuck out they punish them and make them work in the kitchen. Orgyen is a very free willed character and sets his priorities only to watching The World Cup and the excitement that comes with it. However, the Geko’s main intentions are to look after the students and ensure discipline and order amongst them. The Geko knows that there are two boys who will be arriving to the monastery shortly. However, he worries about them knowing they are refugees trying to cross the border. So the Geko requests a prediction from this old crazy Lama near the monastery and wants to know what will happen to the boys. However, Orgyen only goes to the old crazy Lama to ask what teams will win and only things pertaining to the World Cup. These two sides have had a great battle between meeting the other side of the argument and still getting desirable results. Though, it is not impossible to meet both sides in the middle. Orgyen wants to be able to watch the final game of The World Cup, as do many other young boys, though he doesn’t know how to reconcile with Geko after the sneaking out incident. However, he makes a compromise that will suit both sides. He requests that if he is able to watch the game with other students, he will behave more, do well in lessons, and study, as will the other students in the monastery. The Abbot allows for the TV to be brought into the monastery, while knowing of the rapid changing of society and how it affects the boys. However, this TV inside the monastery not only allows for the boys to watch the game, brings them closer and creates a closer bond between them and Geko while having them become better students and learners.

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