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The Current Macroeconomic Situation in the United States


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The Current Macroeconomic Situation in the United States




The policy makers in every economy play an imperative role in regulating the macroeconomic activities with the intention of maintaining the economic stability. In essence, economic stability is vital for improving the social welfare of citizens, as well as the economic growth. The current United States economic outlook is not good. The average American is not doing well though there has been an improvement in market performance. The 2009 financial crisis continues to affect the United States economy. High unemployment level is the major economic issues that the country is still experiencing. The unemployment rate is still high although there has been a small improvement in job creation. As a result of unemployment, the consumer confidence as well as business sentiment continues suffering. At present, inflation is not a critical threat to the United States. The Gross Domestic Product is flat. In fact, the growth of real GDP has been excessively slow. The monetary and fiscal policies can help the policy makers in solving the present unemployment problem facing the country. In particular, the policymakers ought to consider implementing both expansionary monetary and fiscal policies since the current level of unemployment is essentially cyclical. With regards to the expansionary fiscal policy, the policy makers should implement it through taxation, government purchases, and transfer payments. Alternatively, the policymakers should implement expansionary monetary policy decreasing the interest rates.


The present macroeconomic condition in the United States has continued to underperform after the 2007-9 recessions (Taylor, 2014). United States has persistently experienced a slow economic growth for the

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