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The Deadly Visitor

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The Deadly Visitor

I had never seen something so sad. The look on her old, but young face when the doctors told her the news. She always had this glow, barely any wrinkles, make up always done, hair died a crimson red to keep the grey from peeking its way through. She was beautiful, always was. This was my grandmother who had just been told she had stage four breast cancer. The treatments were pointless, they only caused more pain when they knew death was knocking on her front door. They made the promises of many years to come, as long as she continued with the treatments. Who knew doctors could lie so well? Not any of us, all oblivious to the fact that she wouldn't be here much longer. The promise of a couple more years was enough to keep our hopes high, maybe we wouldn't lose the woman we loved the most as soon as we thought. I was there through it all, the many doctor visits, the chemo, radiation. Through the hair and weight loss, the inability to finish writing a single sentence. The frail state her body took during the course of the awful disease, everything. My grandmother had always been so strong, no one could break her. The cancer managed to, it was over before it even started. The doctors promised years, who knew it would only be months? Filled with pain, and tears. Lets start from the beginning, shall we?

It all started that Christmas in South Carolina with my uncle and three cousins. We just had moved back to Torrington, in with my grandparents. I guess she must have known it was her last Christmas, the way she persisted on taking that trip one last time. Of course none of us knew this at the time, we thought it was just like any other vacation we had taken to visit them. None of us had a clue until she couldn't stop puking, couldn't hold anything down, couldn't sleep. Many visits to the hospital later, they discovered a lump on her breast. This is…...

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