The Dean Scream

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The Dean Scream

While attending the Alumni Lecture last week was the first that I have heard of both Jeb Bush and Howard Dean. I have been aware of the presidential campaigns in 2004 and many presidential actions taken by former president George W. Bush; but was still unaware of any substantial information from either Governor. After listening to the Alumni Lecture I only gained knowledge of viewpoints from questions that were asked from a small number of Northern Kentucky University students. I asked a classmate about Howard Dean and besides being the former governor of Vermont, what is Howard Dean known for? In response was “the Dean scream.”

Howard Dean served as Vermont governor in the years 1991-2003 and then ran for democratic presidential nomination in 2004. Dean is eminent for the enthusiastic yelp or "scream" that he demonstrated at an Iowa speech during his campaign known as the Dean scream. Many believe the negative publicity received after “the Dean scream” that is was the ultimate reason to why Dean’s political campaign had lost, after he failed to win only the support of one state (Vermont) during the primaries (“Howard Dean”).

In the beginning Dean was ahead in the polls and a victory look promising. What went wrong? Dean’s presidential campaign soared to exceed fundraising records for a Democratic presidential primary; and his campaign was widely known for its extensive outreached to voters through the internet which was a great key and leading factor during 2004 (“Howard Dean”). However, was it “the Dean scream” that was way over exaggerated by the media; that eventually took a negative effect on the public? The “scream” is still mocked by several comedians in the business, such as Dave Chappelle who has made Dean into a laughing stock. Some may believe that the cause to why Dean in the end failed was due to “the Dean scream” and others…...