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The Death of a Friend

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The Death of a Friend The predominant element of Brian Haner’s “So Far Away” is the language used by the speaker to convey to the reader how he feels about the loss of a close, beloved friend. The tone used by the speaker contains a melancholy feel that shows how profound the loss of a loved one can be. The speaker switches from iambic tetrameter, when using language to describe the fallen friend, to iambic dimeter, when speaking directly to the friend as if he is still alive. The tone of the narrative helps describe how difficult it is for the speaker to move on from such a staggering loss, and also demonstrates hope that they will be reunited in the afterlife. In the opening stanza, the speaker describes the qualities that he loves about his friend: “Never feared for anything / Never shamed but never free” (1-2). These two lines speak about the way the subject lived his life, never fearing anything and also never doing anything for which he should be ashamed. The next two lines of the stanza continue to show admirable qualities of the speaker’s friend: “A light that healed a broken heart / With all that it could” (3-4). The poet uses a metaphor comparing his friend’s life to a light that tried to bring hope to anyone who is in darkness. In the first two lines of the second stanza, the speaker continues by saying: “Lived a life so endlessly / Saw beyond what others see” (5-6). With these lines, he shows that his friend’s life knew no bounds, and he saw good things on the inside of people that were not apparent to others. The next two lines are critical because they show that the speaker regrets not being able help his friend and puts blame on himself for his death: “I tried to heal your broken heart / With all that I could” (7-8). It is important to note that the speaker changes from past tense to present tense in the next three stanzas. He shifts, from...

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