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The Design and Development of Business Warehousw Systems


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The Design and Development of Business Warehouse Systems
CIS 537
July 31, 2011

What type of new BW System you would want?
The system that I want is the SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse systems on the IBM InfoSphere Warehouse that is on IBM. With a business intelligence database with common properties in a class that can be a wide variation. The SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse databases tend to have some features that are typical, of a standard BI database. It will fit into the InfoSphere Balanced Warehouse design and there are many benefits to running SAP NetWeaver BW on InfoSphere Balance Warehouse.
Timely access to relevant information has always been critical to business success, with new data sources and increased access, managing, processing and making sense of data volumes is important. With the SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse will lead the way to providing a complete business from data sources. A comprehensive set of tools, planning and simulation capabilities as the components of the SAP NetWeaver platform to combines powerful business warehouse infrastructure and data warehousing functionality. It will give a timely access to relevant information that has been critical to business success. The decision will be based on the full range of information available as the volume of available information grows. The InfoSphere Balanced Warehouse is a complete data warehousing solution that is comprised on pretested, scalable and fully integrated system. The system is configured by linking balanced building blocks together to host a BI system and its data.

Defining the scope of your implementation.
The SAP NetWeaver BW will be implemented on the InfoSphere Balanced Warehouse database administration partition. This contains the database catalog function, database coordination function, SAP Basis tables, master data tables and dimension tables, small PSA,

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