The Destructors and the Rocking Horse Winner

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Compare and Contrast Essay
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Character/Plot/Structure Outline

I. Introduction to the Conflict/Plot/Structure
II. Destructors

a. Conflict of Trever vs himself
b. How did the conflict unfold and the characters affected.
c. How are the conflicts concluded?
d. The effects of the reader

III. The Rocking-Horse Winner

e. Conflict of Paul vs his mother
f. How did the conflict unfold and the characters affected.
g. How are the conflicts resolved? Does the protagonist succeed in achieving their goals?
h. The effects of the reader

IV. Conclusion

The conflict of The Destructors by Graham Greene and that of The Rocking-Horse Winner had some similarities and differences in regards to the conflict, plot, and structure. Both display a very invigorating tale and a mystery regarding the conclusion of each story. These shorts stories were both about children who did not have an understanding and were naïve to the ways of the world. Each displayed a very disturbing outcome and some more than others. The conflict lead to a surprising turn of events displayed itself as the stories were depicted.
The Destructors by Graham title clearly described and assisted the reader in the series of events to come. One is lead to assume that in some way or form destruction will take place. The conflict that leads to the destruction is the internal turmoil going on with (T) Trevor. He was upset about his family’s current living situation. The narrator makes statements such as “The fact that his father, a former architect and present clerk, had “come down in the world” and that his mother considered herself better than the neighbors Greene (1954). This statement means at one time things were very different for him and his family and that it wasn’t until the War that things changed dramatically.…...