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The Development of an E-Commerce Page Within an Independent Record Label's Website. - Outline


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The Development of an e-commerce page within an independent record label’s website.


In today’s age of digital downloads, mobile computing and Wi-Fi hotspots the music industry’s business model has completely changed. No longer is it viable to have only a wholesaler distribute a label’s music to records stores and department stores with music sections. Also, consumers are more interested in purchasing single songs (singles) rather than entire albums but retailers only like to carry albums since they return a larger profit than singles. Retailers carry singles of specific artists only. Because of the service fee charged by the distributor the aforementioned scenario continues to eat into the revenue of the company.


ACME Record Label, LLC


Indie artists and bands as well have had the fair share of opportunity to be published, heard, and bought online. Developing a company’s own e-commerce platform enables music sharing to be more accessible and affordable to company and consumers since songs can be purchased individually as opposed to the old school buying of the whole album in order to hear that one song. This individual song retail packaging has proved to be more profitable to the artist and the record label than the more difficult selling of the whole album. Also, the fee administered by the platform providers is miniscule compared to the percentage wholesalers take for distribution services.

Another advantage is the immediacy of this music retail availability. Once a song is aired on the radio it only takes a matter of minutes before that certain song could already be purchased online by millions of people around the world. Through ecommerce, we are able to sell music at a

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