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The Development of Rational Outlook Through the West

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Dustin Bowers * Intro * Rational outlook changed over time through different civilizations/cultures. * 1st Body * Hebrews began idea of rational outlook * Used logic to protect society * 2nd Body * Greeks create the best understanding of rational outlook * Rational outlook is reason * 3rd Body * Romans adapt reason by adding virtues * 4th Body * Christians give a higher meaning to virtues * Get a higher understanding of reason * 5th Body * Humanists combine faith with reason * Conclusion

Dustin Bowers
Dr. Hart
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Paper Assignment #3 Few things remain the same over time: people change, buildings disappear, and landscapes deteriorate. However, it is not only physical things that are changed by time. Ideas, languages, and entire cultures differ when compared to their beginning. Rational outlook changed over time, adapted by different cultures and their views. Jackson J. Spielvogel tells us rational outlook is unique to the west. Within the west, rational outlook is seen from the Hebrews through the Scientific Revolution, and changed due to the different norms and ideas of each culture. Rational outlook is analyzing a thought or situation, and adapting it to best fit a specific lifestyle. The Hebrews started the idea of rational outlook. They lived for many years without a definite political ruler, living under God’s law. God chose judges to rule instead of a king, which worked for years. Eventually the Hebrews wanted to be like the other nations around them, saying “‘No! But we will have a king over us, that we also may be like all the nations, and that our king may govern us and go out and fight before us and fight our battles’” (29). Rational outlook began with the Hebrews were using logic to keep themselves safe. They believed that without a...

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