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The Devil In The White City Analysis

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The novel, The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic and Madness in the Fair That Changed America by Erik Larson. In the books there are two storylines: one about the life of H.H. Holmes, the serial killer, the other about how the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago came to be. By contrasting "white" city of the World Fair, and the dark essence of the serial killer. Erik Larson is able to combine fact and fiction and make a statement that beauty can be an illusion that is able to cover what is hidden under the surface. The World's Fair was built to bring all the best things to Chicago and also for the United States to show off its glory. The contraction of the Worlds fair was done poorly because the intention for the buildings was to only be in …show more content…
Pathos is something that provokes emotion, The Devil in the White City pulls at the heart strings because Larson is able to connect with the readers. Daniel Burnham is struggling to create something that is supposed to change the world. This is something that is beautiful and sad because of how much expectation there is surrounding the Worlds Fair and how the outcome turned out to be something that was not what he was expecting. The fair is eventually completed and the excitement turns into a Landmark. There is also the dark side of this story that is portrayed by Holmes the serial killer who hasn't been caught. Larson is able to use pathos because it is scary and repulsive to read. Larson writes “Eighteen ribs from the torso of a child” (Larson 364). This quote is able to entice the readers emotions and leave them feeling disgusted. When mentioning Holmes, Larson is able to create more darkness and as the story goes on it become more gruesome because the events all relate back to Holmes. This pulls at the readers heartstrings in a completely different way, just like it did when the story was unfolding. Also anticipation came into the story when we were hoping that Holmes did not kill all three Pitezel children. Larson is able to bring Pathos into the novel and create a book that evokes every type of emotion. Pathos is also able to compare beauty and darkness by

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