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The Difference Between Chines Medicine and Western Medicine

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The difference between Chines medicine and western medicine

In the ancient times, people thought that illnesses were caused by

the evils and believed inShamanism and divination. Gradually people knew

that illnesses were caused by bacteria and a science called medicine

started to develop. As times goes by, Chinese medicine and western

medicine become the two most important medical systems in the world.

Countries in the east are influenced by Chinese medicine while western

medicine is predominant in the West. The two kinds of medical care differ

greatly in diagnosis and treatment of diseases. However, there is a trend

that Chinese medicine and western medicine may be applied together on

modern treatment. Although western medicine is the start the main in the

world, the importance of traditional Chinese medicine grows as people

start to notice some special curative effects of traditional Chinese

treatment. Chinese treatment like acupuncture starts to be applied in the

western world. Western medicine believes that bacteria and viruses are the sources of

illnesses. This is a fact that is the controversy. Nevertheless, traditional

Chinese physicians believe that the symptoms of diseases are due to the

unbalanced relationship between the organs. In other words , they think

that the balanced relationship is disrupted by the outer environment. Both

the westerners and Chinese think that some organisms in the outer

environment cause diseases. However, westerners are eager to find the

identities of the organisms that cause diseases while Chinese are only use

herbs to treat diseases. Traditional Chinese physicians will give specific herbs to their patients to

help them regain the balance. According to the different symptoms of the


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