The Difference Between Good and Evil

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Have you ever wondered about the difference between good and evil? Have you ever thought about why no ever really talks about it?
The difference between good and evil is that they are quality judgments, just like hot and cold, light and dark, and near and far are quality judgments. Quality judgments are evaluations that we humans make relative to our own experience as human beings. Hot is what is hot to us. Far is what is far to us. Good is what is good to us. Evil is what is bad to us. Good and evil are quality judgments that we make relative to ourselves and our experiences here on Earth. But if good and evil are quality judgments, what's the quantity being judged? And what's the phenomena being quantified?
At a glance I would say that the quantity that good and evil qualify is morality. Good and evil are moral evaluations, so morality is the scale being used to quantify the phenomena. And if morality is a scale we are using to quantify a phenomenon, then the phenomena would by definition be human behavior, as morality applies only to human behavior. Or to view it from the other way round, there is a perceived phenomenon that we define as human behavior. We measure the range of that behavior using morality as our scale, and we qualify this range of morality as being good or evil depending upon how it affects us experientially. So essentially, then, good and evil are quality judgments passed by ourselves, relative to ourselves, about ourselves.
Some of us are really not going to like this idea: that good and evil are quality judgments passed by us, on us, about how our own behavior affects us. They aren't going to like it because the concept of God is being left out the event. For some reason, human beings don't wish to admit that when we judge our own behavior as good or evil, that it's really we who are doing the judging. We want to imagine instead, that some…...