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The Different Roles of Friends

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Kay64 The Different Roles of Friends.
We all have friends and each one plays a different role in our lives. There are those that share a common path with deep loyalty and trust. Then there are those you share a few common interest that binds you for life! Then there are the ones you love but do not spend much time with. Either way each one plays an important part in our lives.
The forever friend, the one that remains in my heart and has for many years. The one woman who I have gone several years without contact with, then comes that day we reconnect, and it’s like we never loss touch. This is the friend that I have known all my life, we share the same love and respect for each other no matter the distance or time apart, the bond between us has never left and we shall remain forever friends.
Everyone has a best friend I have more than one, they are my absolute closest friends in life they are my nonromantic sole mates in recovery. These are a few in which I can say we have true respect, trust and a common path we walk together. They are honest and loyal both men and women. I trust them with my deepest secrets, my fears, my joy and my struggles. These are the friends that will tell me the truth not sugar coat my ideas about life. We may not see each other for days at a time but when we are together we can talk about anything and not be embarrassed or ashamed for making wrong decisions or asking crazy questions. We laugh together about things that life throws at us that most people cannot understand. Being with my best friends is both fun and emotionally fulfilling we live by principals and walk a spiritual path together. To even call them my best friends maybe an understatement.
Next the ones I share a common interest that has secured our friendship, they are my biker friends’ I can always rely them and in return them on me. We carry each other in good times…...

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