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The Digital Firm and the Use of Technology

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Digital firm is an organization where nearly all significant business processes and relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees are digitally enabled, and key corporate assets are managed through digital means. This means that a firm communicates a lot of information through electronics. With technology expanding every day, it makes business communicate and do business electronically. This saves the company money by not having to send staff to meetings; the meetings can be done by phone conference or even teleconference, where it can be viewed on computer. An organization that uses technology on a daily basis is UW Health. Using electronic health records make the patient information available to providers, with most providers having smart phones, and access to internet at all times it makes providing care possible at all times of the day. Technology has come a long way in terms of health care. Using electronic health records also makes patient care easier and more accurate by allowing multiple providers to view the information in the time of an emergency, or specialty appointment. Keeping everything up to date and accurate in the chart makes the care go smoother, and makes the patient feel more comfortable when the information can be viewed. Technology is also used within the organization to communicate between departments, and used in training atmospheres. With having access to computers, it is possible to attend meetings from wherever you are, and not have to travel to different facilities. With this technology available it saves the business money by allowing people to stay at their home location and not have to be paid travel time to attend meetings, or classes. Technology plays a big part within the UW system. The UW uses technology to communicate with patients; it has an option for patients to sign up for “my chart” with this access the...

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