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The Digital Footprint Analysis of Familyfun Magazine: Examining the Importance of Social Media for Magazines

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The Digital Footprint Analysis of FamilyFun Magazine: Examining the Importance of Social Media for Magazines

Capstone research prepared for: NYU M.S. in Public Relations and Corporate Communication


Priyanka Mulimani, New York University Kerry Lee O‘Grady (Advisor) September 2013

Priyanka Mulimani

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This paper researches the evolution of the magazine industry, its transitional phases and its adaptation to new technologies. The study examines the role of the Internet and social media for the magazine industry and the resulting impact on readership. It involves research and analysis of different social media elements and ways in which print magazines embrace them. The overall objective of this project is to examine the digital footprint of FamilyFun magazine and successfully devise a measurable social media strategy (with tactics) for it. The research highlights different ways present-day magazines use social media channels. The results of FamilyFun magazine‘s social media audit are tabulated in the presentation that follows. The presentation also includes the competitive analysis of FamilyFun magazine, which forms the basis for developing strategies and tactics for it. Additionally, the social media analysis of FamilyFun magazine provides an in-depth understanding of social media presence of parenthood magazines. Finally, based on the overall research and analysis, a list of best practices for effectively using different social media channels is laid out for magazines in general.

Priyanka Mulimani

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Table of Contents Introduction: The Importance of Social Media

I. The History of Magazines a. The Beginning b. Influence of the Internet c. Advent of Social Media

2. Social Media and Magazines a. Social Media Audience b. Adapting to Social Media Technology c. Social Media Channels for Magazines

3. Social Media...

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