The Disadvantages of Technology in Classroom Education

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Technology has also affected humans in classroom education. Since technology has been introduced as a medium for teaching back in 1900s, it has gradually replaced the human teachers and now students mostly rely on computers, television and other electronic mediums. Although these technology brings certain benefits in the classroom, it causes some students to be distracted and unmotivated to learn at school because they believe that learning by themselves using the computer is a much better and faster way. According to Vota (2009), “Since technology itself requires proper motivation for its benefits to accrue, any school that can’t direct student motivation capably will fail to do so with technology, as well (or worse, allow technology to distract students)”. This clearly shows that students are still young and curious but they need an ongoing motivation, guidance and support to excel in education.
Apart from that, techonology also lessens/mininmises the learning time. Klaus (2010) states that technical troubles is often consume most of valuable teaching time. This happens when the student or teacher is not familiar with using the machine and they do not have adequate technical know-how to fix the machine. If there is any problem with the technology, the school need to call for technician to fix the problem and it will delay the student from the actual lesson plan that the teacher has prepared for them. Thus, this would cause the class to be ineffective in a classroom where time is limited. Besides computer, television also known as one of medium in educational purposes. However, Wilbur Schramm, the father of communications studies once questioned and actually carried out a test if television actually benefited towards education, which turn out to no avail (Singhal, 1987)
Furthermore, technology has also caused an increase in the spendings of educators and parents…...