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The Driving Force Behind Consumer Choice

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The Driving Force Behind Consumer Choice Choice is determined through thought, from direct influences verbally, physically, and visually. So, by means of these three ways, a person could be guided in a direction where other people use these ways to direct a decision to an individual. Consumers fall prey to the market tricks of the corporate world. This essay will examine the phenomenon on what exactly triggers the motive to consume. Later, an examination of the strategies used by companies will give a detailed image of what the driving force is in consumer choice. The public argues that they make decisions for themselves with no outside thought, this paper argues against that and how companies use action to change a response in their favor. Factors such as product quality, people sponsorships, brand recognition, and the media are the most significant methods on consumer purchasing habits. The overall argument that will be demonstrated through this paper is what exactly creates the idea in a person’s mind to purchase a product or service. Throughout the course of this literary discussion, there will be points made for and against for each of the previously stated tactics, but to clearly define this topic is an art of its own. One of the major contributors towards consumer decision is that of sponsorships. An endorsement can bring brand value and brand recognition to a company. With increased attention, there is more incentive in any regular people to recollect that information once heard and apply it to their own future action. This action being directly beneficial to the company with the endorsement. Also a domino effect can occur with any one person’s actions that could possibly influence many others to a similar result.
Furthermore, companies have grown aware of the fact that “[sponsorships focus] on improving the recall, recognition, [and] brand...

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