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The E-Commerce of Amazon and Toys R Us. Docx

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The e-commerce of Amazon and Toys r us

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The e-commerce of Amazon and Toys r us

In the state of New Jersey,” filed a lawsuit against Toys R Us. The lawsuit stated Toys R US had“ infringed on the contractual agreement of their joint venture”. (Foster,
2004). Amazon asked for” $750 million in this suit. In return, Toys R Us countersued, “declar- ing Amazon had dishonored “the exclusive rights to sell toys, games, and baby items through third-party merchants on Amazons’ website, which were the same products sold by Toys R Us
(Foster, 2004). Afterward, the lawsuits were petitioned to a high court, the “judge denied both party “ damages. But was appealed then a second time, to an appellate court; the judge ruled in favor of
Toys r us, and was awarded $51 million. Afterward, Toys R Us shut down its website”. (Foster, 2004). Wal-Mart was one of the competitors whom “Toys r us was hurt by in August 2004. So Toys r us decided to sale its 1,200 toy-store chain, and a spin-off of toy or baby products businesses. Some investors purchased Toys r us for $6.6 billion in August of 2005”,the new owners made the company private; is it really over? (Mangalindan, 2006) In researching the court dispositions, there was evidence from the testimonies of the employees from Toys r us and Amazon, proving a breach of contract by Amazon. Although some of the witness for Amazon pretended to have a lapse of memory, on the other hand. Most the employees on Toys r us side seem to understand just how Amazon violated the specifics of the agreement. There was a dispute about how the e-commerce could benefit both parties. And it just might have happen if, before signing the agreement, both parties come up with some pro and cons to add within the contract. I think Toys r us prove that there was a breach in the contract. Amazon was…...

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