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The Ebola Virus and the Problem It Created in the World

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The Ebola virus and the problem it created in the world

The sudden and unexpected outbreak of Ebola has left the world population realise that they are not yet even close to understanding the mystery of mother nature. Even though there are secret whispers by conspiracy theorists that the virus was spread by some big world power to serve their purpose, there allegations are only blank sheets of paper without any proof.
According to WHO, Ebola has the record of having the most complex outbreak in the history of such diseases. The virus is widespread in under developed African countries such as Liberia, Nigeria etc. Originating from Guinea in late 2013, the virus has been giving those poor African nations a really hard time. Especially as they are already suffering from bad economy, such outbreaks mean that other countries will practically boycott those countries making it even harder for them to deal with their ever prolonging list of problems.
According to CDC, Ebola virus was first spread to human kind through a host bat. And then it spread from human to human. Until mid-2014, the pharmaceutical companies were not in a hurry to develop a vaccine for Ebola. This is understandable from a business perspective as there is little profit for the capitalist corporations by investing in such poor countries. But when the virus was threatening to become a true epidemic, the companies took Ebola vaccine as high priority and are now undergoing drug trials. With this rate, one can hope that an effective vaccine will be developed by the end of 2014.
And it is not the virus itself that kills. The virus is also causing widespread fear and panic among the world population especially the African countries. The North African country of Morocco postponed Africa Cup of Nations that was scheduled to be hosted by Morocco in 2015 due to fear of Ebola spreading in the country from...

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