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The Economic Impact of Tourism on Hotel Management

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IN PARTIAL FULFILMENT OF REQUIREMENTS FOR THE AWARD BACHELOR OF SCIENCE (B. SC) DEGREE IN TOURISM MANAGEMENT TO THE DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORT AND TOURISM STUDIES, COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES, REDEEMER’S UNIVERSITY, OGUN STATE. MAY 2010 CERTIFICATION I certify that this research project titled ECONOMIC IMPACT OF TOURISM ON HOTEL DEVELOPMENT (A STUDY OF SHERATON HOTEL, IKEJA, LAGOS) .................................................................................................. Was conducted and written by ODEODE FAITH EBANEHITA Run06-07/925 ........................................................ ........................ Name Matric No Under my supervision In partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of (B. SC) TOURISM MANAGEMENT ............................................................. In the College of Management Sciences Redeemer’s University, Redemption City, Ogun State, Nigeria

Mrs. A.O. Idowu Dr. (Mrs.) B.O. Adeleke _______________________ ____________________ Name, Signature and Date Name, Signature and Date Project Supervisor Head of Department

DEDICATION This research work is dedicated to the Glory of the Almighty God for His love, provision and grace given to me to make this work a success and also for making my dream a reality. It is also dedicated to my...

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