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The Edge Hotel Essex

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21 November 2013



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Edge Hotel School: four-star prices and your labour for free
Author: Lee, Joseph Publication info: The Times Educational Supplement 4990 (Apr 27, 2012): 52. ProQuest document link Abstract: [...]the Edge Hotel School, a working four-star hotel offering on-the-job training and a degree accredited by the University of Essex, will have to persuade students to pay Pounds 18,000 for their two-year degrees, while they work unpaid for up to 27 hours a week running the hotel. [...]he said that the hotel, called Wivenhoe House, was equipped with far more sophisticated IT systems than it needed, purely for the educational benefit, so that trainees would be prepared to work in even the world's largest hotels. Links: Check for full text via SHU links Full text: But the two-year BA honours degree is worth it, says principal. It is billed as an "exemplar" of vocational education - a school of higher education, backed by an independent charity, offering degree-level study at the same time as work experience. But the Edge Hotel School, a working four-star hotel offering on-the-job training and a degree accredited by the University of Essex, will have to persuade students to pay Pounds 18,000 for their two-year degrees, while they work unpaid for up to 27 hours a week running the hotel. Principal Alan Jenkins said it should not be compared with higher level apprenticeships, which the...

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