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The Effect of Sin Tax Bill to the Buying Behavior of Students in Holly Cross of Davao College

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Review Related Literature
Many of the Filipinos now are health conscious and It has been shown that combustion aerosols from cigarettes contain common chemical components such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide (Siahpush et al., 2006). Carbon monoxide is a major contributor to cardiovascular diseases from smoking. It impairs oxygen transportation in the blood. It is also strongly linked with the development of coronary heart disease. One gaseous constituent in cigarette smoke is hydrogen cyanide. Cyanide released from a cigarette can be 160 times greater than the level considered safe (Siahpush et al., 2006). It has a direct, harmful effect on the cilia, a part of the natural lung clearing mechanism in humans, thereby increasing the likelihood of developing disease. Risk from cyanide is significant with just one cigarette per day. Another gaseous constituent in cigarette smoke Silpakorn U Science & Tech J Vol.3(1), 2009 Smoking Behavior of Student is nitrogen oxide, of which the primary form is nitric oxide (NO) (Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program, 2007). Students who have never tried to quit smoking should be aware of their chance to get serious health in their future.

Now a day’s most of the smokers are student the more the price of cigarettes high the lessen student who wants smoke. Through this study many could benefit not just for lessen expenses but also more knowledge on how it could affect in their lives. They also should be educated on toxic chemicals in cigarettes that could harm both smokers and passive smokers such as their parents, friends and families. Misconceptions of students who have never tried to quit smoking such as smoking is not addictive, it is unnecessary to quit smoking, smoking is a source of pleasure, there is no regret in smoking, it is easy to give up smoking, limited smoking does not cause bad health and personality...

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