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The Effect of Globalization in Guatemala’s Biodiversity

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The Effect of Globalization in Guatemala’s Biodiversity

Guatemala is a country territorially small, but with a unique natural and cultural in the world. It’s condition as the linkage between two continental spheres, also with the variety of terrestrial and edaphic (physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the land) forms, the amplitude altitudinal, pluvial and thermal, between some other factors, are responsible of the existence of a great variety of ecosystems and of species. Also, Guatemala is one of the countries around the world with a big ethnic diversity. This natural and ethnic diversity have generated many ways of interaction and use of the wild species, as to an intense domestic adaptation that has become an important support for the diet of Guatemalans and of many habitants of many other countries. Guatemala has being denominated Mesoamerican Center, is one of eight important world centers of cultivated plants. It is also part of the Mesoamerican Eco-region, which is one of twenty-five terrestrial eco-regions most important in the world, not only for its large biodiversity but also because of the high threats of itself (Galvez, 2000). This essay will present some of the elements of most importance of the biological biodiversity in the development of the human kind, as its relevance of the natural capital.

Guatemala it’s a place of big amplitude of different live organisms that interact as to form complex connections of interdependence. The biodiversity is an important aspect of the Guatemalan’s lives that, despite of its importance in the economic and social-cultural spheres, does not figures within the political priorities of the state. In order to retrieve this situation is crucial to utilize a reference point base, in which the different elements of development can be aboard...

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