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The Effective Features of Travel Agent Website

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The effective features Of
Travel agent website


Table of contents Acknowledgments 3 1 Executive summary 5 2 Introduction 6 2.1 Require 6 2.2 Modal of effective communication website 6 3 Terms of Reference 6 4 Procedure 6 5 Findings 7 5.1 Content 7 5.2 Appearance 8 6 Conclusions 9 6.1 Content 9 6.2 Appearances 11 7 Recommendations 13 7.1 Content 13 7.2 Appearances 14 REFERENCE 16

1 Executive summary

2 Introduction
A travel organisation has decided to set up a new website to facilitate the communication between stakeholders and company. Three existing travel agents’ website has been researched for support this report. The designer is asked to insure the website that is easy to be used and accepted, meanwhile, making the new website to be popular is another goal.
Modal of effective communication website
United Travel Company’s website is a suitable modal of the travel agent company. The following sections provide reference information for this website.

3 Terms of Reference
On 23 July 2012 Jill Clark, the Manager for the travel agent, requested a report on analysis the most effective features of a travel agent website. The purpose of this report is to find a suitable structure of a Travel Agent Company’s website. Particularly, the new website will be able to communication with users effectively. Also, it is going to be usable and be acceptable for broad website visitors. Finally, making ensure it will act as a popular website in travel webs is another purpose. The draft report is due by 5pm on 7 August 2012

4 Procedure
The main information was obtained by reading articles. They are “Top five ways to make your site more popular” by Chris Reynolds (13 Mar 2009), “Basic web design” by Ross Shannon (2000-2012) and “characteristics of a good website”, “website...

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