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The Effectiveness of Concentrated Ipomoea Batatas as a Healthy Juice Drink

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Chapter I

Background of the Study

Talbos ng capote or a Sweet Potato Tops is one of those vegetables planted in many backyards. It is easily grown and does not require special maintenance or fertilizers to grow and is a good alternative to rice.
The leafy part of the Camote tops plant is familiarly known as the Camote tops or talbos ng Camote in Tagalong. Capote leaves are usually used as vegetables in some traditional Filipino cuisines. The antioxidants present in a Capote plant are believed to be mostly found within its leaves. Capote tops’ vitamins and minerals help in boosting ones’ immune system to prevent the body from disease-causing bacteria. Among all the other plants, research studies shown that Capote tops may be used as remedy to Dengue fever. Capote tops can also be used to treat other diseases of sickness like Diabetes, heart disease, cancer particularly colon and stomach cancer, problems on bowel movements and high blood pressure. Eating vegetables can also fight obesity
Ipomoea batistes is a warm season crop extensively cultivated in the Philippines. It can easily be planted any time of the year and propagated from stem cuttings. Capote tops native to tropical America and was introduced to the Philippines during the Spanish period. It is widely cultivated for its edible tubers and leaves. Occasionally grown as an ornamental back home but in the US in pots and in street medians. The young leaves of sweet potato is used as an all purpose vegetable, such as addition to stews or as a salad. Ipomoea batatas is not only popular for its sweet tuberous roots, its leaves or greens are very popular in China, where they are extensively consumed as a vegetable. In other countries as Africa and Asia, Ipomoea batatas leaves or greens are considered a very healthy food and an excellent source of dietary Polyphenols such as anthocyanins and phenolic acids, and these are not the only sweet potato benefits, they have many more.
Anti-inflammatory properties of Sweet potato – Polyphenols are active constituents of many well known herbs and plants, some of them use in traditional herbal remedies, known to interact on different ways against carcinogenesis, tumour cell proliferation, apoptosis, metastasis and inflammation.

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