The Effects of Alcohol on Society

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The effects of alcohol on society are devastating. For example, a child that has to grow up in a home where one or even both parents are alcoholics may be living in a deadly environment. "Children often find themselves blamed by an alcoholic parent. Their home is filled with conflict, confusion, and embarrassment. They often carry this feeling of disorder into their adult lives, which affects their own families, their co-workers, and society. Alcoholism in families has a vicious cycle, because children of alcoholics can suffer from many different emotional and mental disorders including addictions to alcohol, gambling, drugs, sex, and food. Many of them go on to marry or live with alcoholics or abusers. Children of alcoholics may become alcoholics themselves sometimes because of heredity factors, but also because of the environment, they grew up in. More than half of domestic violence cases and as many as 90 percent of child abuse cases involve alcoholism, according to a survey by Priory Healthcare, a rehab center. Girls in alcoholic homes are four times more likely to suffer sexual abuse." (Shaw, Jerry, 2012)
The other aspect of how alcohol affects society is health. Alcoholics may not only be hurting themselves from drinking, if they get behind to wheel of a car, they are endangering the lives of countless others. Millions of innocent people are killed each year from drunk driving than any other vehicle accident, and most times, they are not even able to find the driver because it ends up being a hit and run. The drunken driver flees the scene, and they are never held accountable for their actions. Some other facts I found to be shocking are that an estimated 25 percent to 40 percent of all patients in U.S. hospital beds are being treated for complications due to alcohol-related problems, according to The Marin Institute, an alcohol industry…...