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The Effects of Computers Games on the Accademic Performance

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THE EFFECTS OF computer games on the academic performance

The term computer game is in sharp competition with video games, console games, and arcade games. Video games and console games usually mean gamesconnected to a TV, whereas arcade games means games placed in public spaces.Computer games on the other hand, are occasionally used to mean games played on apersonal computer. However, since all of these areas have been developed inclose parallel and because all of these games are played on computers, mostresearchers use the term computer game to represent all of these areas as a whole.Computer games first came into existence in the 1960s with the introductionof a shoot-up game. Since the computer games have become aregular part of life for many people due to its increased popularity. The computergame has changed from being primarily played at an arcade to be primarily played in the home.

Research Background
It has been recognized that the challenging nature of computer games canexercise the mind and teach garners to focus, have patience and prioritize. It does not take long to identify that all these attributes are also desirable in the process of generating students who excel academically especially at levels where knowledge and comprehension are not the main concern but rather application and analysis skills are more sought after. If games are good for the mind, they must certainly have some effects on the academic performance ofthe players. When the students turn to computer games, do they feel engaged or frustrated? Are the students immersed or bored? The sense that they get out of those precious time they spent in front of the computer will surely have affected their lives as students of higher learning institutions. There is a need to study the relationship between playing computer games and students' academic performance. What better...

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