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The Effects of Gadgets in G-10 Students

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General Arangmenrt plan
Hydrostatic calculation
Crosscuve of stability process

When a new ship is designed, one of the primary steps involved in the development of the concept, is designing its General Arrangement and allocating proper spaces according to the requirements of the owner and functionality of the ship. It is up to the naval architect to decide on the ship’s general arrangement, depending on many design constraints that are mentioned in the technical specifications of the contract. Since almost all ships have something unique in their general arrangement, there is no specific procedure with rules stated for the same. But in spite of that, a naval architect needs to know the basic procedure to follow in order to come down to an optimum design. In this article, we shall discuss a general procedure that is followed in the ship designing industry. The General Arrangement, or GA as it is commonly called, is a drawing created by a naval architect. The purpose of this drawing is for space allocation, to ensure that everything that an owner wants in a vessel will actually fit. The GA consists of (at a minimum) a plan view of each major deck of the vessel, shows all of the watertight and structural bulkheads, as well as joiner bulkheads. All of the furniture is typically shown or in early stages the furniture and large items to be on the vessel are roughly blocked in. Passageways, stairwells and all equipment vital to the ships operation are shown. The ship spaces
Some considerations for arrangement drawings. Major equipment should be placed first with due regard to their operation. Major design requirements, such as capacities, should be then arranged. At all stages, placement of all items on the GA should give consideration to the anticipated structural arrangement - i.e., bulkheads should be placed on framespaces (or anticipated framespaces), open areas should anticipate pillaring, higher deck heights should be specified where deck loads will be high (to allow for structure), etc.Clashing items should be segregated early: i.e., passenger/crew separations, living spaces away from sources of heat, vibration and noise. Functional spaces should be grouped logically and in proximity to each other. Traffic flows to be considered. Sanitary spaces should be aligned for ease of pipe runs, and with regard to maintenance access. Weight distribution & sources of heeling moments should be carefully considered with dueconsideration to the vessels stability.Emergency exit paths: Escape routes should be redundant, simple, increase in capacity towards the muster station or boat deck, minimize panic, prevent bottlenecking, and avoid likely sources of danger. Small design decisions (such as the swing direction of a door) can have fatal results.Functional allowances: How are supplies moved onboard, and around the vessel? Room may have to be left for the movement of palletted stores, overhead chain blocks may be needed in machinery spaces for the movement of spares, equipment removal patches may have to be incorporated, lift systems may be required to move heavy items between decks.Crews tend to spend extensive amounts of time at sea. The level of accommodation & comfort must have high standards.Cultural sensitivity: The designer should be sensitive to the beliefs of the people who will operate the vessel. A bar, for example, may be a necessity or an insult.Tradition - deck names, locations of equipment, relative sizes of rooms, etc. may have traditional dictates which experienced crews will expect to be met. For example, the master is typically housed on the port side of the vessel; the chief engineer opposingly to starboard.

Code Items Formula
-1 .New page (used only if the result is to be divided between several pages)
0 New line with text if stated
1 Moulded draught
1.1 B.O.K. (bottom of keel) draught
1.2 B.O.K. draught (m → ft)
2 Displ. moulded
3 Displ. total
4 Displ. after body
5 Displ fore body
6 Displ. - moment after body
7 Displ. – moment fore body
8 Displ. – moment about BL
9 Area moulded
10 Area total
11 Area moment about midship
12 I longitudinal
13 I transverse
Other items
14 Wetted surface
15 Greatest transverse area (moulded; not necessary the midship area)
16 Greatest transverse area (total)
17 Max breadth of the actual waterplane
18 Actual length on waterplane
19 Maximum breadth up to waterplane
20 Maximum length up to waterplane
21 Sum of fore and aft displ. moments about midship (7-6)
22 M.C.T. 0.01m or 0.01ft (12/Lpp)*0.01
23 Transverse metacentre KMT (13+8)/3
24 Longitudinal metacentre KML (12+8)/3
25 CB on basis of Lpp, Bm 2/(Lpp*Bm*1)
26 Prismatic coefficient Lpp, Bm 2/(Lpp*15)
27 Coefficient of waterplane area Lpp, Bm 9/(Lpp*Bm)
28 Midship section area coefficient 15/(Bm*1)
29 L.C.B. from midship (Lpp/2) (6+7)/3
30 L.C.F. from midship 11/10
31 x coordinate which divides ∆ in two equal parts (5-4)/16
32 factor trim/trim lever a/b see sketch 3*Lpp/12
33 V.C.B. 8/3
34 ∆ moment about midship (compare to 21) 6+7
35 Block coefficient (special coefficient) 2/(20*19*1)
36 Prismatic coefficient (special coefficient) 2/(20*15)
37 Waterplane coefficient (special coefficient) 9/(18*17)
38 L.C.B. aft-body 6/4
39 L.C.B. fore-body 7/5
40 “Midship section area coefficient” 15/(19*1)
41 ∆ calculated for trimmed conditions
42 L.C.B. calculated for trimmed conditions
43 KMT calculated for trimmed conditions
44 The name of the ship
46 V.C.B. calculated for trimmed conditions
47 Transverse centre of buoyancy
48 Transverse centre of waterplane area
50 Tonnes per 1cm of immersion (tonnes/0.01m)

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