The Effects of Globalisation on Australia

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“The Effects of Globalisation on Australia”

Economic, Social, Cultural, Environmental and Political

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Executive Summary

The effects of Globalisation on Australia can be disseminated into a number of different categories. For the purposes of this report five major categories including Economic, Social, Cultural, Environmental and Political have been explored and summarised but is by no means exhaustive.
The overall effects and impact of globalisation on Australia may well be positive to the general population, but there will always be those who are disadvantaged, and those who have increased advantages.
In this report the authors attempt to separate the above mentioned elements and treat them individually. It should be noted however that it is extremely difficult to do so as many issues interact and overlap with some or all of the elements of globalisation, as globalisation has been in existence since the stone-age.
“Just as the concept of globalisation is contested and multifaceted so are the choices available to citizens and governments.”[i]


How one views ‘the effects of globalisation on Australia’ will very much be determined if one defines globalisation in its broader sense or otherwise.
Globalisation seems to be the catch phrase of the 21st Century. It has no real definitive meaning but is an all encompassing term which society has no real choice but to embrace. Conley[ii] suggests that globalisation is a mixture, or intertwining, of political, economic, social, cultural and technological processes.


Globalisation in Australia is by no means a new phenomenon with “migration of labour since its foundation as a…...