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The following survey consists of a handful of questions regarding road safety issues in Bangladesh and its current scenario. The findings gathered from this survey will be incorporated into a research paper on social and economical dilemma between proactive and ad-hoc measures. I would appreciate your honest answers to the given questions.

Thank you for your time and cooperation!

General Information
(Please put a ⎫ on your answer)

Gender: Male Female
Age: 18-25 years 26 years and above

Education level: O-Level/ SSC A-level/HSC
completed Undergraduate Graduate and above

Survey Questions
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1) According to you, what is road safety?
a) Only well built roads.
b) Well built roads with people having roadside manners.
c) Well built roads with people with road safety education.
d) Well built roads with skilled drivers with license.

e) Awareness.

2) When you get out of your home, what works in your mind?

a) You will NOT be able to get back safely, because roads are NOT safe enough.

b) You will be able to get back safely, because roads are sufficiently safe.

c) Never occurred in my mind.

d) I am not bothered.

3) Do you know whether road safety is included in national budget of Bangladesh?
a) Yes . b) No.

4) Do you think road safety needs separate allocation in national budget?
a) Yes. b) No. c) May be.

5) Are you aware of the fact that the…...