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The Effects of Malls Near Schools to the Study Habits of 4th Year High School Students in St. Louis School-Catherina Cittadini in the School Year 10-11”

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St. Paul University Dumaguete
High School Department
School year 2010-2011

“The Effects Of Malls Near Schools To The Study
Habits Of 4th Year High School Students in
St. Louis School-Catherina Cittadini In The School Year 10-11”

A Research
Presented to
Ms. Toni Rachelle Lajato
St. Paul University Dumaguete

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in English IV

John Drake B. Cempron

January, 2011
Approval Sheet

In partial fulfillment of the requirement to graduate from high school a research paper in titled “The Effects Of Malls Near Schools To The Study Habits Of 4th Year High School Students in St. Louis School-Catherina Cittadini In The School Year 10-11” has been prepared and submitted by John Drake B. Cempron who is herby certified for oral defense

Research Adviser

Board of Panelist

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Research Teacher




A shopping mall, shopping centre or shopping precinct is one or more buildings forming a complex of shops representing merchandisers, with interconnecting walkways enabling visitors to easily walk from unit to unit, along with a parking area – a modern, indoor version of the traditional marketplace. Now a days many shopping malls or shopping districts are now located near schools which make students like to visit it more often during their free time rather than studying. The researcher wants to prove that shopping centers like the Robinsons Place Dumaguete which is place near St. Louis School-Catherina Cittadini (SLS-CC) can affect the study habits of 4th year students studying there. Also he wants to prove that can it really be a problem for students to study during their free period or they just relax inside the mall regardless of their grades may be. He will be surveying 50 correspondents inside the school. Can it really affect not the study habits but the attendance of the students?

B. Theoretical Framework
There are schools that prohibit their students to go to the mall(s) (mostly nearby) after class. - To prevent their students from mall-ing/loitering around after school instead of studying at home.
Schools' concern:
-Students just fool around with friends, and doesn't study
-Students should rather go home and do their homework
-Some are just playing on computer shops/arcades
-Students wearing their uniform on malls "damage(s)" the identity of the school

C. Conceptual Framework

( Effects of malls towards the students
( Effects of malls to their study habits

( Fin d out what are the effects
( Find out who habitually go to malls
( Conduct a survey through Questionnaires

( The effects of malls to the study habits of the 4th year students in SLS-CC

D. Statement of the Problem
The study aims to find out the effects of Robinsons Mall to the Study habits of 4thyear students in SLS-CC in the school year 10-11
Specifically The study aims to answer the following Questions:
1. What time do you mostly visit the mall in terms of:
a. Reason
b. Situation

2. Who always go to malls in terms of: a. Age b. Gender c. Ave. during the 2nd quarter

3. What are the effects of malls towards the student’s study habits?

4. Does the presence of malls affect the student’s study habits?

E. Hypothesis Null
( Malls cannot affect the study habits of 4th year students in SLS-CC

F. Assumption

• That every student had visited the mall once/week • The students usually go to malls during weekends

G. Significance of the Study
The reason why this study is conducted is to gain more knowledge and understanding why DepEd banned the students inside the malls. Furthermore it aims to know why students are going to malls. Also to prove that malls can have bad effects towards the study habits of students. Finally to give reason why security not just in school but also the security of the malls should be tighter during school days.

H. Scope and limitations

He shall be surveying correspondents from the 4th year high school students in SLS-CC using Questionnaires with in the school year 10-11.

I. Definition of terms ➢ Study Habits- The academic performance of the 4th year students within the school. ➢ “Damages”- The injury of the reputation of the school. ➢ School Uniform- The identity of the student in which school he/she belongs . ➢ Weekends-Days which there is no classes. -Saturdays, Sundays and other holidays of obligation.


A. Review of Related Legal Bases

The Department of Education (DepEd) is now prohibiting all students of public and private elementary and secondary schools from going to computer shops, malls, theaters, and other similar establishments during class hours. To carry out the ban effectively, Education Secretary Mona Valisno said school officials and teachers concerned should communicate and coordinate with their respective local government officials so that both parties could work on a possible enactment or implementation of the appropriate legislation to implement this. “These legislations may be in the form of regulating the distance of computer shops, malls, theaters and the likes from schools,” she said. The directive may also be sent to the owners of these establishments not to allow entry of students during their respective class hours. “The LGUs can ask the owners of these shops and malls to check first the class schedules of the student trying to enter the establishment,” she said. Valisno said schools should accordingly provide their students with certified copies of their respective class schedules. She said going to these establishments has adverse effects on students. “We are aware of the prevailing situation that there are students in the elementary and secondary levels from public and private schools who go to computer shops, malls, theaters, and the likes during their class hours while in their school uniforms,” she said. Thus, the Department issued DepEd Order No. 86, s. 2010 on June 18 which directed all school officials and employees concerned to institute and implement the necessary mechanism on the school discipline applicable under the situation. “They should monitor closely those students who are absent or cut class often,” said Valisno. When it comes to the school discipline to be imposed, Valisno explained that this should primarily focus on guidance counseling of the students involved. “The principals or the teachers should have a dialogue with the parents of the students or even with their guardians to address the problem,” added Valisno. Valisno also urged the school officials and teachers to provide their students with worthwhile and productive activities. “These activities particularly those that can enhance the creative and communicative skills can be done during the free time of the students in school,” she said. School heads and teachers can encourage their students to join in activities that could improve their communicative skills such as debate or their creative skills such as dramatic activities and theatrical programs. Reports to DepEd reveal that many students cut their classes and spend time playing online games, visiting various social networking sites such as Friendster and Facebook and some even are sneaking to visit pornographic sites in computer and Internet shops. To address this concern, DepEd will also be deploying monitoring teams to watch Internet shops for class-cutting pupils. “We already ordered a tighter watch on Internet cafés, particularly those in school zones, during class hours,” she explained. Valisno admitted that since DepEd cannot address this problem alone, cooperation between school officials, LGU officers, and parents is a must. “We also appeal to owners of Internet cafés not to allow students – especially those still in uniform – to spend time in their establishments, especially during class hours,” she said. Nationwide, many LGUs are implementing ordinances that regulate Internet shops that allow students to enter their premises. In Makati for instance, the local government has already warned owners of computer shops of possible closure if they would not comply with the DepEd order and city ordinance. For Maribeth Cortes, parent to first year high school student Vince, this is very important since parents like her cannot monitor the activities of her child when he is in school. “I think construction of computer shops should not even be allowed near school premises because these only tempt the students to go there instead of attending their classes,” she explained in Filipino. Valisno said that school heads and teachers should also be responsible in monitoring the activities of their students. “They should always remind their students not to go to these computer shops during class hours and should call the attention of the parents of the child if the he or she cuts class very often,” she ended

A. Research Design
The study covered the 4th year students of SLS-CC on how the Robinsons Place affect them in their study habits. Due to time constrains the researcher cannot distribute the Questionnaire personally instead an associate shall distribute the questionnaire to the said students on March 2, 2011 in the afternoon.
B. Responedts
Total Population is 51
Total Respondents is 45

Boys = 15

Girls = 30
C. Research Instrument
The researcher distributed 51 questionnaires and only choose 45 among them.
D. Data Gathering Procedure
The researcher’s associate administer the distribution of questionnaires last March 2, 2011 at 1:15 in the afternoon. He distributed 51 questionnaires and only 45 or 90% was retrieved on the same day.

E. Statistical Treatment
N=Total Population
n=Sample size e=percentage of error e=5% or .05 n=N/( 1+N*e2) n=51 /(1+51*5%2) n=51/(52*.0025) n=51/0.13 n=45.23 or 45


A. Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation
Table 1
How often do you go to malls
| |Frequency |Percentage |Ranking |
|Everyday |7 |16% |3 |
|Every weekends |20 |44% |1 |
|Once a Month |2 |4% |4 |
|Once in a while |16 |36% |2 |
|Total |45 |100% | |

In this table it shows that 40% or 20 respondents mostly go to malls during weekends. Next is that 36% or 16 respondents go to malls once in a while

Table 2 In what situation do you go to malls
| |Frequency |Percentage |Ranking |
|During Recess |0 |0 |4 |
|Lunch break |8 |17 |2 |
|Dismissal |7 |16 |3 |
|As needed |30 |67 |1 |
|Total |45 |100 | |

Table 3 What is the reason in going to malls
| |Frequency |Percentage |Ranking |
|Meet Friends |14 |31 |2 |
|Get out of the Sun |4 |9 |4 |
|Cut Classes |0 |0 |5 |
|Buy Things |19 |44 |1 |
|Others |7 |16 |3 |
|Total |45 |100 | |

Table 4 What is your 2nd quarter gen. ave
| |Frequency |Percentage |Ranking |
|99-90 |1 |2 |3 |
|89-80 |37 |82 |1 |
|79-75 |7 |16 |2 |
|74 and below |0 |0 |4 |
|Total |45 |100 | |

Table 5
Does malls affect you study habits
| |Frequency |Percentage |Ranking |
|Yes |4 |9 |2 |
|No |41 |91 |1 |
|Total |45 |100 | |

Table 6 How much did it affect you
| |Frequency |Percentage |Ranking |
|Not so Affected |4 |100 |1 |
|Affected |0 |0 |2 |
|Very Affected |0 |0 |2 |
|Total |4 |100 | |

Table 7 In what way did it affect you
| |Frequency |Percentage |Ranking |
|Grades Decrease |2 |50 |1 |
|Can’t Concentrate on Lessons |1 |25 |2 |
|Late for classes |0 |0 | |
|Others |1 |25 |2 |
|Total |4 |100 | |

Table 8
Why didn’t it affect you
| |Frequency |Percentage |Ranking |
|Concentrated on my studies |6 |15 |2 |
|Only go there if needed |29 |70 |1 |
|Go home directly |6 |15 |2 |
|Total |41 |100 | |

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