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The Effects of Modern Technology on the Study Habits of Student

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This chapter aims to understand how technology changed the study habits of the students. This section presents the related literature and studies that is relevant and significant to the current studies.This will be a guide to the research about the said topic presented in the next chapters. “When it comes to study they only depend on technology rather than reading books. And technology can also affect in body health resistance and once you already learn to love copy and paste in the internet in the future you become lazy.” Mr. Philippe Christian John D. Zayas (2003). According to Ms. Myra Joy P. Belasio (2005). "The effects of technology to students’ study habit are its intelligence and they cannot help their parents do the household chores because of being focused to the technology especially the internet, computers and mobiles". Furthermore, Ms. Elaizza Gelyn Borres (2002) stated that “The effects of technology to students’ study habit are they usually copy and paste an article to the internet without reading what they copy from that article. Rather than scanning books to have an answer and from that you can learn many things about what you read." According to a literature by Jill Elaine Hughes (2011), “Developing good study habits is crucial for any student pursuing higher education, but it is of particular importance to working learners. Schools must provide its student with a robust support network that enables working learners to make most of their existing skills and also boost their ability to be self-disciplined, self-directed, and ultimately successful in their degree programs.” Moreover, Art Markman, Ph.D. (2012) in Ulterior Motives stated that “One of the most important tips is that students should study by testing themselves rather than just reading over the material. It is also important to study over a period of days rather than waiting until the last minute to study. Moreover, the students who make a schedule and stick with it tend to get better grades, while the students who study late at night tends to get worse grades than those who study in the evening.”

References : Art Markman, Ph.D. (2012). Developing Good Study Habits Really Works, Ulterior Motives. From : Jill Elaine Hughes (2011), Mari Lopez (2011). Developing good study habits, from

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