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The Effects of Online Communication Versus Face-to-Face Communication

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The Effects of Online Communication versus Face-To-Face Communication
Innovations and advances in the field of Information Communication Technology(ICT) have resulted into major revolutions and remarkable changes in communication and use of media may it be in organizations, work places or in general social interactions. It therefore becomes imperative to scrutinize and analyze the impact of this advancement in communication technology particularly in regards to the normal workplace settings, our social lives and how it affects communication patterns with and among employees, interpersonal relations and assess whether this technology has substituted and replaced the conventional face-to face means of communication.
Lee & Leung et al. (2011) argue that communication is fundamental to people’s well-
Just like other organism, human beings cannot continue to exist without interrelating with their surroundings. Receiving information from external sources is crucial to everyone’s survival and development. The society is made up of a collection of relationships which are based on communication. Our relations at our dwellings, workplace, and recreation have direct consequences on our state of well-being (Lee & Leung et al., 2011).
Even though many theories have been advanced as to what are the strengths or limitations face-to-face versus online means of communication, so far there is no study analyzing and comparing the two (Baek & Wojcieszak et al., 2012). However, in their research in the United States Baek & Wojcieszak et al. concluded that both means of communication are equally relevant in many ways. In relation to face-to-face consideration they found that online deliberation is used mainly by the young and more so men and the whites. Additionally, online deliberation draws ideological reasoning and result s to pessimistic feelings with no possibility of arriving at...

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