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The Effects of Physical and Psychological Changes Associated with Ageing Referring to Marilyn Monroe.

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The effects of physical and psychological changes associated with ageing referring to Marilyn Monroe.

Physical changes during the ageing process occurs at all stages during the human life, body is constantly changing with age. Marilyn Monroe unfortunately died before she reached old age where the more significant ageing process takes place. However in her adulthood she did show significant signs of ageing before her death even though she only died at the age of 38. Stress and anxiety are a factors of speeding up the ageing process which is probably the reason why Marilyn started show physical changes so early in her life. Mostly the changes where in her face which was made obvious to the public because being a model and also actress her face was everywhere. When you start to age the face loses elasticity so it no longer look plump and youthful it beings to get fine lines and wrinkles. Accusations about Marilyn having Botox and other facial plastic surgery to slow down the process so she could keep that youthful look she was so ironically famous for.

If Marilyn had lived for a longer length of time it would have been more noticeable the ageing process because her hair would have started to turn grey and maybe even thin out, however now with hair dye a lot of older people do tend to find the grey to give off the appearance of being younger. Another physical sign of ageing would have been her organs slowly decreasing in rate of which they function, such as the liver won’t be able to process and filter nutrients as quick when you were younger. Also the heart becomes weaker and is not able to pump blood around the body as fast and efficiently

Disengagement- This major theory of disengagement where it is said that older people would naturally tend to withdraw from social involvement with others as they have restricted opportunities. My chosen...

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