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The Effects of Social Factors in the Academic Performance of the Bbte Students College of Education

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College is a very big environment to be adopted by new students. In order for them to adjust in this kind of environment, they tend to socialize in the many activities inside the institution. But in socializing with the different people and communities inside the campus has also an effect on their academic performance. Those social factors include organizations, fraternities, sports activities, and romantic relationships. Students socialize more often in college because it is a big community that needs the culture and rules to be learned or else a student will be left behind on what to do inside the institution. These rules and culture cannot be found only in books. It can be also found and learned through interaction with the co-learners and the teachers because there are times that the rules are changing based on the time, place, and people.

But there are still some students who tend to explore more on the campus by joining the said social activities. The negative side of their participation in these activities is that they have a tendency to give more time than to study and do other academic activities. There are times that students are much focused on the activities of the social factors they are into. The question now is how does these students and the social factor they are into affects their studies and how do they manage and balance their time in order for them to have an equilibrium between the two variables.


Social factors, in this study, are those pertaining to the outside variables affecting one’s academic performance. Although teachers in a lot of university are more effective and professional than the other level like elementary and secondary, there are still factors outside the classroom that could largely affect the performance of a student. In today’s world, many of these social factors are seen everywhere in the campus like fraternities, organizations, sports activities, and romantic relationships. These factors can consume a lot of time instead of doing assignments, projects, or researches.

In the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, specifically in the Business Education Course, there are also many of these social activities being involved by the students. Organizations like college and activist organizations are having a lot of members which are not that active with their academics but always participating in the activities of their organization. Fraternities, which also have a lot of members, are like the organizations. Members are mostly active with their activities inside the brotherhood rather than their academic activities. Sports activities consume a lot of time to those students who should practice more often. Because of this, there is only a little time left for them to study. And lastly is the romantic relationship. This always demands a lot of time for their partner consuming a lot of time that should be allotted with their studies. Many students are being so attached with their partners making them lose focus and give plenty of time with them.

The study will be focusing on the effects of the said social factors mentioned and how the selected BBTE students are able to manage or balance their romantic relationship, organizations, fraternities, or sports activity with their academic performance in class. Some of these social factors, as some researchers have found, that it helps an individual in their emotional health, but what about the student’s academic performance? This study will identify those effects on the selected BBTE students in order to come to a solution of having a quality and effective learning and at the same time being involved in other activities.


This study is supported by the research done by S.S. Umar, N.A. Yakubu, and O. Badaof the Federal Polytechnic in Auchi, Nigeria (2010). According to their conclusion, student cults, similarly related to fraternities, are an academic hindrance and also an outright evil. On the other hand, students who are having a romantic relationship have the highest impact and are having a psychological barrier for them to cope with the learning process. While the excessive involvement in the sports, clubs, and organizations can pose a threat to their academic performance but an insignificant one. This theory would be the basis of the study in order to find the present effects of the social factors of the students to their academic performance.


Being a student comes with a big responsibility of managing time in order to balance the academic activities and other factors outside the classroom. College life is really stressful and managing time is important to cope with the different activities being done inside the school.

This study was linked to the idea that there exist a relationship between the social factors and academic performance of the selected BBTE students as influenced by certain identified variables such as romantic relationships, student cults and fraternities, organizations, and sports activities. In figure 1, it shows the conceptual framework of the study.

Figure 1. A conceptual framework of the study V. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

This study aims to determine the effects of the social factors on the academic performances of the selected BBTE students.
Specifically the study sought to answer to the following problems:

1. What is the demographic profile of the students in terms of: 2.1 Name 2.2 Age 2.3 Gender 2.4 Year and section 2.5 Grade-point average of the previous semester 2. How do social factors affect the academic performance of the selected BBTE students in terms of the following: 3.6 Romantic relationship 3.7 Organizations 3.8 Fraternities 3.9 Sports activities 3. Is there a significant relationship between the profile and the social factors in terms of the following: 4.10 Romantic relationship 4.11 Organizations 4.12 Fraternities 4.13 Sports activities 4. Recommendations on the social factors and academic performance of the selected BBTE students


There is no significant relationship between the profile and the social factors in terms of organizations, romantic relationships, fraternities, and sports activities of the selected BBTE students.


The study may contribute on the following people:

For the parents, it can be their guide to always remind their children to be responsible in case they wanted to join in other social factors. They will be aware of the effects of joining on one of these to their child’s academic performance. They could give some advices and pointers to be responsible in their time especially in their studies.

For the teachers, it can help them by being aware of the social factors affecting one’s academic performance. They can also guide the students in order for them to cope with their studies. They could orient new students in the different social factors they could join but still should be responsible in their academics.

For the students, it can be a basis of what they should do in order for them to balance their time if they would be involved in one of the social factors. They will be aware of what might happen if they both do two things at the same time. It will also help them by knowing what benefits they could get from being involved in these and what might be the problems.

For the future researchers, this study can be their basis or one of their resources if their study will be connected to this. Also, the future researchers can continue to develop and improve the study in order to find the future effects of these social factors and what other steps can a student make in order to still have a good academic performance.


The study will be conducted on the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Manila Campus. The respondents will be the selected BBTE students who are applicable to answer the questions of the research. The researchers choose these as the correspondents because they are most likely being involved in the many social factors such as organizations, romantic relationships, sports activities and the likes. The study will take place this semester of the school year 2013-2014. The researchers will use survey questionnaires for the collecting of data which consist questions about their participation in the social factors and their academic performance inside the classroom.


Academic performance. This is the competency seen in the student inside and outside the classroom. Fraternity. A group of people associated or formally organized brotherhood for a common purpose, interest, or pleasure.

Organization. A functional structure consisting of many members.

Peer groups. A group of people, usually adolescent, that has equal standing with one another.

Romantic Relationship. Relationships between two people having a deep connection.

Social factors. These are the factors outside the classroom that affects the academic performance of the student in the study.

Sports activities. Activities done by the different sports like basketball, volleyball, tennis, etc.


The independent variable in the study are the student’s social factors; romantic relationship, fraternities, organization, and sports activities. This will be the selected variable that is to be controlled by the researcher in order to determine the relationship to the expected outcome of the research.

The dependent variable in the study is the effects of the social factors on the academic performance of the students. This is the variable being measured in the study as an outcome or an effect of the study.

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