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The Effects of Technology on Accounting

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Thirty years age most financing accounting was done by hand, which indeed left a long paper trail. “Currently, most accounting information is recorded via computers and wide area networks (Journal of Accountancy, 1994). Technology has changed the face of accounting over the last fifty years. It is unclear whether technology’s has an impact on accounting which can be interpret as being positive and negative. It is clear that technology has changed the accounting period. Some of the impacts of technology are either positive or negative which are simply changes, The impacts of technology on accounting field has been positive, negative and neutral, but the impact results cause an demand on the profession to confirm ti the changes but sudden results ti cause a huge demand the profession to conform to the changes.
The advantage of technology is the various tools that it has provided. One example would be computer-integrated manufacturing, communications technology, Image processing and the Internet. An example of the many tools of technology whose purpose is to provide detailed and correct information in a short period of time. The advantage of technology is computer-integrated manufacturing technology. Computer –integrated manufacturing has a significant and positive impact on financial world which involved cost accountants. “With automated manufacturing with marketing and accounting data, increasing both the quantity and timeless of the information (Hansen & Howen, 1997, p.8)” (www.itpluseeducation).
The advantage of technology over past several years has grown numerous times for the better. The disadvantages are equal to the quantity and impact. Accountants with many avenues work with detailed and precise information in a timely time. Accountants run the risk losing accountability and confidentially.
The elimination of “paper trail can be proven to be a key concern of accountants in the electronic information age. Technologies has grown to allow fraudulent activities which along accountant to eliminate the paper trail. Image processing has reduced the amount of paperwork for a business transaction, The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), is used for business transactions between two enterprises are conducted primarily with a computer system instead of people. The use of EDI processing transactions results in electronic audit trail for auditors. This electronic trail becomes more difficult to follow with networking and collaborative computing. Area networking is approach that involves resource sharing by several computers at different placed. This networking makes it very difficult to follow the origin of a transaction and opening the door for fraudulent activities.
Technology affects our daily lives. An environment shows how technology to the point that most of the time we take for granted. We never notice the level of impact that it has on us until when we have no telephone, transport, water and no electricity.
Technology has changed how accounting is performed in every accounting form in the United States: including all over the world. “Accounting software has provided for much more tidy collection and allocation if accounting data.”( the integration of multiple data formats has given appropriate user of accounting much faster and easily accessibility. This is sign can accept on larger companies who rely on accounting data on a day-to-day functions.
New technology are welcomed and their effects on the accounting programs are an essential

factor to most of the account businesses. New technologies are accredited for improving

documentation for local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs). These new

technologies improved methods for input of accounting data and how the data is presented.

LANs and WANs and the Internet, reporting information such as flowcharts, diagrams, statistics

and so lo can be accessed all over the world where Internet is accessible.

New technologies have changed accounting process for the small and larger companies.

Technologies have aided many accounting methods for every modern company, and will

continue to upgrade the accounting world for the best.

In conclusion technology has changed over the last thirty years. Computer-integrated

manufacturing, communications technology, image processing and the Internet. This example of

the many tools of technology whose purpose is to provide detailed and correct information in a

short period of time. Technology has changed how accounting is performed in every accounting

firm in the United States: including all over the world


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