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The Effects of Using Social Networking Site in the Academic Performance of a Student

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Chapter 2
The Review of Related Literature and Studies
Foreign Literature
Social networks gave a big help to everyone, especially among the students businessman and other members of t he society. Social networks has different features that may enjoy by the people all around the world what the problem is, people loses their self-control in using them . Facebook is the most popular social networking site today wherein people may share and upload videos, pictures, messages and chat. Twitter is also famous to every people nowadays wherein people can share their feelings, thoughts and ideas. Through twitter, they can easily be connected to their favorite celebrities and they can also be updated on what is trend all around the world. Aside from these two, Tumbler, MySpace, and Bing also became a raging craze to everyone. Social networking communities will definitely stay due to its millions of users. In addition, students today stay on these accessibilities of information they may get in social networks. Social network may help them in giving knowledge in thesis and journals but still negative effects of this still overweighs especially about losing their self-control. Social networks bring a big benefit about communication because through this we can easily communicate our loved ones despite of the geographic distance. Social network may also help celebrities to be more contact to their fans because through these sites they can easily post what are the recent happenings about them. Through social networks we can be updated in every happening not just in celebrities but also the recent updates to our country and also in the whole world. Social networking sites can be a good...

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