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The Effects of Bullying in Students

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Fernandez, Dimple A.
Besa, Lindsay Q.
Canoy, Richel Mae V.
Dael, Bema A.
Damiles, Jewel D.
Parlocha, Michelle B.
Pil, Riza Jane A.

Introduction Bullying is the act to threat a weaker being to make them do something and hurt them emotionally or physically which later on affects a victim’s everyday life. From the looks of it, some students, especially those who are victims may have not seen the end of their situation yet. Some studies today found out that most students in grade school and high school have experienced different forms of bullying either from their peers or from their teachers in actual like calling them unpleasant names that would demean them or cyber forms of humiliation. What are the effects of this act? Can this be threat to the society that may lead into negative outcomes? Media reports often link bullying with suicide. However, most youth who are bullied do not have thoughts of suicide or engage in suicidal behaviors. Although kids who are bullied are at risk of suicide, bullying alone is not the cause. Many issues contribute to suicide risk, including depression, problems at home and trauma history. Additionally, specific groups have an increased risk of suicide, including American Indian and Alaskan Native, Asian American, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth. This risk can be increased further when these kids are not supported by parents, peers and schools. Bullying can make an unsupportive situation worse (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, 2010). Some people think bullying is just part of growing up and a way for young people to learn to stick up for themselves. But bullying makes people upset. It can make you feel lonely, unhappy and frightened. It can make you feel unsafe and...

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