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The Emergency Room

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EN120 English Composition I

Assignment 2 – Topic #13 A Public Place

January 27, 2013

The Emergency Room It’s 6:15 P.M; I check my watch as I rushed into George Town Hospital’s busy emergency room. On the outside there was an ambulance roaring in with flashing lights and sirens, while a group of people gathered apparently awaiting that same ambulance. To the left the security guard was yelling at an illegally parked motorist in a yellow, convertible sports car; consequently blocking the path of the ambulance. On the inside on the left, the triage nurse peeped out the glass window at her desk to scan the crowd awaiting the doctor across from her. Behind her you could hear a large commotion of people making an awful racket about a patient in code blue. Nevertheless, the triage nurse calmly calls the name of my daughter and I go into her small box office. She checks my blood pressure and weight, yet she continues to ask a series of questions. Because my temperature is so high, the nurse rushes me into the back room. While in back the calamity continues. Gurneys with patients are being hurried around the room with shocking momentum and alertness; however, the doctors’ dash past one another with nurses quickly following behind their every step. Finally the doctor comes to see me and diagnoses me with a weird sounding virus. He recommends bed rest, fluids and antiviral meds. I glance at my watch before heading out; it’s only 6:45 P.M. You never experienced how rapidly things happen around you in a hospital, until you walk into a hectic emergency...

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