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The Endless Hope

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The Endless Hope Big brown dog running around, kids laughing and your lovely wife or husband holding a delicious looking apple pie with a great smile right in front of your house while you came back from work. Happy family and affluent life, that is the typical American life anyone can dream to live. Ever since our country was formed, the endless hope for better life was present in every citizens' mind which now we call American Dream. American Dream is defined as the idea that everyone in the United States has the chance to achieve success and prosperity which includes freedom, wealth, love, material things, and happiness. This dream has powered the hopes and aspirations of Americans for generations. According to the definition of American Dream, I think Jay Gatsby from F. S. Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby, lived the American Dream. Jay Gatsby, born James Gatz, was born poor to an unsuccessful farming family in the Midwest. He was very ambitious boy who had dream to be rich and successful since young age. Even his father said "Jimmy was bound to get ahead. He always had some resolves like this or something. Do you notice what he's got about improving himself? He was always great for that." However his poor family could never satisfy his ambition so he decide to leave his family and self define himself. He changes his name to Jay Gatsby and changes his occupation as well as his background. This is concurrent with the notion of freedom in the American Dream, as Gatsby goes out to reach freedom for his better life. Daisy Buchanan was rich, upper class woman whom Gatsby could never get. They were once in love, but did not get to marry as Gatsby did not have one thing that Daisy valued the most, the money. However, he was the man with an "extraordinary gift of hope". He did not give up at that moment and work his way up to the upper class, which is the motto...

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