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Could/Should Other Forms of Energy Become Major Players in the Energy Mix?
Shayla Gordon

Could/Should Other Forms of Energy Become Major Players in the Energy Mix?
Our world faces a major crisis, meeting the escalating energy demands of the growing public, is using up our world’s natural fossil fuels. Our government has invested much time, and money researching alternative energy sources and implementing ways to conserve energy. More needs done to utilize that knowledge to make commercial alternative energy sources readily available to everyone.
To advance the development, commercialization and use of alternative energy sources, we have much yet to do. We have the knowledge to make this a reality. There are currently many renewable energy sources in operation today. Some of those sources include solar energy, wind power, bioenergy, geothermal, and hydroelectric energy. The researcher will define each of these in the final research paper.
The researcher intends to describe the purpose of the Department of Energy (DOE), list some organizations affiliated with DOE, and their accomplishments. Then explain some hindrances met along the way from technology to vast supplies of renewable alternative energy. Ending with why we need to do more to advance the development commercialization and supply of vast renewable energy.
The United States Department of Energy (DOE) provides grants to finance research and development in alternative energy fields. The grants cover the cost of research projects, and the cost to share the technologies with scientific and industrial communities, as well as state and local government agencies. The recipients do not have to repay the grants. Many can apply for the grants, state and local government agencies, colleges and universities, nonprofit organizations and for-profit commercial organizations can…...