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The Eqyptian Myth

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The Egyptian myth had a man name Atum that was alone in the world. Atum was neither male or female, and had one all- seeing eye that could roam the universe. Atum created his own children were he spit and vomited them out of his body. His son name Shu was god of the air. His daughter name Tefnut and made her god of mist and moisture. Shu and Tefnut job was to separate the chaos into principle of law, order and stability. Choas was divided into light and dark and was called Maat. Maat was a feather. Shu and Tefnut produced Geb, the Earth and Nut the Sky. Nut produced rain for Geb and Geb made things grow on earth. Sky gave birth to the sun every night before dawn, and every day it would follow its course over the earth and die at sunset. Shu and Tefnut produced other Gods, Isis, the queen of the gods. Hathor, the goddess of love and beauty. Osiris the god of wisdom and justice. Seth, the god of evil. Thoth, the god of wisdom and Nephthys the protectress of the dead. Atum’s children had got lost so he sent his all- seeing eye out to find them and when they came back he was so happy he cried tears of joy and when the tears hit the earth, they became the first men.

The Zulu myth long ago before man or any animals it was just darkness and a large seed. They seed fell into the earth and long weeds began growing which were called Uthlanga, which is the source of all things. One weed grew into a man named Unkulunkulu. He was the first man and the creator of all things. He grew larger until he fell of the weed and started walking onto the earth. As he walked up and down earth he saw that other men and women were forming. He pulled off cattle and fish and birds. He created streams and mountains, lakes and valleys, wind and rain and the sun and the moon. He created everything we see around us today. He taught the first men and women how to hunt, make fire, make clothes, and prepare corn. He gave all the animals names and sent the languid chameleon out into the world to tell his people they will never die. The chameleon was moving to slow so he sent a speedy lizard to tell his people that Death was coming. The lizard made it to the people first so the death came shortly after and never left mankind.

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