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The Factor Plus Mart Always Crowded at Certain Time

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The Factor Plus Mart Always
Crowded at Certain Time

A. Background Nowadays many people must have some goods to support their life, like hand phone, car, food, drink and some goods that is very important to our life. From time to time, the important of goods is so important, many people realize they must need to fill their daily life with some thing that going to help them. The important is food stock, because without food stock, people can’t live. So, some of them like to buy the good for their live. They usually buy it at store that have sell goods because goods have the limit and it can be empty at several time, like noodle, flour, oil, and some thing that we usually use. So many people buy the goods from some several place that provide them with what they want like a hyper mart that support people in Pontianak with some food that really important for them, and it really complete because it have many kind, but in here we going to tell you about some big store that we think. In here we going to tell you about some big store that we usually go to buy some goods. As we know, nowadays there is many big store in Pontianak, and each of them have their own category and the size of each store is different. The big store are : • Mini market is one of shop that usually stands near many housing. It provide food, drink and some daily like product that we usually need. It’s like supermarket but is small and don’t have many product like supermarket. • Supermarket itself is kind of minimarket, but it bigger than the minimarket. It provide goods like food, drink, and some daily product, but nowadays some supermarket also combine it with Cloth Stand, Electric equipment, and many more. • Grocery store is provide or help some small shop or minimarket about their stock, they can sell it for a good price and with some negotiation you can have a better price then before. The grocery shop itself usually take many product more than the minimarket and sell it at higher price. From here we interested in one of minimarket, because as we know there are many minimarket and supermarket that crowded at every time but in here, as we can see in this minimarket the consumer only come at certain time, and it very interesting for us to know why is crowded in some time but at another time, is so quiet. Because of this we decide to know well about this shop and want to know why something like this can happen so we like to do some research about this case. In this occasion we are going to introduce to you about the minimarket as a topic we are interested in. It provides many people with supplies like rice, snack, wafer, chocolate, mineral water, soft drink, beer, milk and the others. Even it is located far away from city center, this minimarket is always crowded because the location is very strategic. It is closed to e-colink which mean people after they finish their extracurricular they can buy some food or ice cream or soft drink to satisfied their hunger. In here the writers are interested to discuss about the condition of plus mart that is always crowded only in the certain time. It is considered strange, because as we know this minimarket is always crowded at specific time and the other factor we choose this topic because the writer works there. (The writers want to research why this minimarket just crowded at certain time and what the factor that make this minimarket just crowded at certain time.) The writers hope that this information is useful for the reader who wants to know about plus mart.

B. Discussion 1. The condition of Plus mart Minimarket The condition is one of the most important factors in running the business. If someone wants to build a business, he must consider this factor because as we know the condition can influence our business. If the condition around that place strategist safe and clean of course there will be more consumer come and happily shop in that place. If the rival in that area is still low, of course this will became a good opportunity to run this business to became bigger then before, and vise versa. So the condition of a location take a big part in effect the smoothness or the success of the place that we going to open. It’s important to search / well know the condition of the area that we going to make into a place of business / shop before we going to start the business From the analysis that we already do, we can see that the location of Mini Market Plus Mart is quiet strategist with a safe situation and clean place. Beside that the location of the minimarket plus mart is build still developing, so the competition for this business is still not so strong. In the area with so many housing, but the place to buy some goods is a quiet far so it give us opportunity for this mini market plus mart to develop their business because it already become one of the place to buy some goods that is really needed for people around. Minimarket Plus Mart open at 07:15 am and closed at 21:30 pm. This Minimarket hire 3 employees where one of them as cashier, were house, administration. This Minimarket is build at a big ruko. It operate everyday include Sunday and holiday except in Chinese New Year and Happy New Year. Before it start to operate, the employees must clean the floor and glass because in there, they don’t have office boy to clean the store. For the customer who want to shopping in there no need to paid for the parking, because is free and this store have some facilities that support them to do they work, like computer that can be used as cashier machine and Generator if the light when off.

2. The product that is mostly sold by Plus mart Minimarket Product is a goods or service that we sell. Product also one of the variable that decide the activity of a company. Because without a goods or service, a company can run the business to reach the profit that they want. Many competitor in business world need a product that different from one to other or same. Product of the company must have an advantage about their product from other company so it make our product have an advantage in business and can won the competition. In start a business like a mini market, product is a component that must be have because in a mini market what we sell to the customer is a product. Many kind of product can we sell and the product is needed to fill their daily activity. To decide the price of a products, it can be seen by it is quality that the product have and the product is remember by many people. The product of AQUA is the most product that usually people buy, even it just a water, it can be develop and grow for 40 years. For the product it self, it make many differentiation than other product like NESTLE . We can see from the product view that AQUA is better then NESTLE and for the goods, it always out of stock every month and many supplier order the product. Many kind of product can be sold and is needed for many people to fulfill their daily life. To decide the price of the product it can be see for it’s quality, the modal price, how the people search for it. If the product is not to popular in society the price will not rise, it just decide buy how many or how much people going to buy it. If the product is sell so many and it always out of stock, we can rise the price for it’s difficulty to find. For example : the modal price of the product is 9000, so we can sell it by put the tax 10% so we can sell it by 9900 or 10000, but if the product is a good product, we can sell it higher for more profit, like 10500 or 11000. But if the product have write down the price, we can not sell it higher then the original price that have been decide.

3. The type of consumer in Plus mart minimarket Consumer is a person or people who use a products or a service that available in society, for privacy use, family, for many people, or any kind of life being. The consumer have many type, and to know the type the of customer is a one point that we must know when we want to open a business The consumer it self it split into many category and some of the customer will be disgusting. In the mini market that we want to tell you, it have some type of the customer, and now, we going to know some characteristic of the consumer. Here the list of the type of the consumer in mini market plus mart : • Bossy For this type of the consumer, the consumer is just like to stand and tell the employee what they must get for him or her, some of this type of customer like to complain about the mini market condition. And when them is like to paid for the goods, they probably go get some of item again and that make the other customer wait.

• Fussy Fussy customer is one of the disgusting type of customer, some of them like to complain about the product like they even don’t know what the product is , they usually complain about the price, the stock, the product that mini market don’t have, and many more.

• Asking a lot of question In here, the customer like to ask. some question about where is the. location of the product they want to buy,the price of the product, when the product will come, and many more.

• Old geezer This type of customer is a difficult one to handle, they usually talk their mother language to communicate for asking. Some of them is so fussy, bossy, can't see and can't hear well, it make it became worse to handle. The employee must talk to them carefully, because they are so sensitive.

§ Bad boys For this, the problem is come from the customer, because the problem is a children, if it make mistake, we must stay calm and when the child do or make it worse, the employee must tell them to stop.

4. The employees in Plus mart minimarket Employees is one of the asset that we must have in do a business, because with out an employee the business can be do. It is impossible to do a business if there is no want to help to run the business, that’s why an employee is important asset .Employees is someone who we hire to do a job in our business like administration, warehouse keeper, security, and many other and the for the work, the company give them money or we can call it salary. In here we are going to tell you about the employee in mini market plus mart. The employee in mini market plus mart must come to the mini market at 07:15 am, after they come to the mini market, they must clean it. The employee came home at 17:00 pm and after that from 17:00 – closed, the owner going to look at the shop. The mini market hire three ( 3 ) employees : • Cashier In here the cashier job is too, serve the customer, they must stand near the cash drawer and can’t leave the place until other employee come and replace to stand. • Store house In this part, the employee job is to handle Stock, display, return of damaged product. For stock, the employee just need to check the product stock. For display, if the employee see a blank spot, the employee must fill it with the thing in the Store house or put other goods to fill the blank spot. For the return of damaged product, it can be do if the product is bitten by rat, expired, or damaged from the supplier. • Administration In here the employee job is input the new product, restock the product stock, order the goods from the supplier, paid the bill, check the daily income, decided the price of product.

For the salary of the employee, it decide by how hard it work, if the employee work not so hard, or too relax in doing his/her job. If the employee work hard, the salary will high then the relax one. The salary of one of the employee is Rp 1.200.000,00.
C. Conclusion and Suggestion 1. Conclusion From our discussion we can see that there is many point that effected how the mini market to develop : a) The location From the location we can see that the location for the mini market is at strategic place, it depend on how the owner and the employees try to develop it into a big chance. So, from our observation about why this minimarket is crowded at certain time is because of the location is near business area. And this minimarket crowded at certain time because many people buy the product at afternoon because many people have finish the work and they going to prepare for dinner, etc.

b) The goods that available From here in depend on the customer, the customer always want many kind of goods, but in here the mini market is not have too much item, so many customer go to other mini market to get the goods they want. For some reason, if in other mini market doesn’t have it, and they come to mini market plus mart they will find it. Like a medicine, some customer in here don’t like to go to medicine shop so they want to go to near shop to buy a medicine, and if the shop don’t have it will decrease the customer affection to the shop, so the shop who have it is going to win the customer affection.

c) How the mini market attract customer In here, an event is one of the good affection to attract the customer, it can be make a promo for buying some certain goods,. Like buy 2 get 1 free, buy more than Rp. 300.000 get discount or many more. In here the mini market plus mart haven’t make any event to attract the customer.

d) The uniform In here the mini market plus mart doesn’t have an uniform so it not attract the customer about the mini market condition, and it the employee just use the cloths like they want.

So from this we know why this minimarket just crowded at certain time and what the factor that make this minimarket just crowded at certain time. It is up to the customer, goods, and from the shops.

2. Suggestion For the suggestion, the mini market must make some way to attract the customer and make it more interesting, like : a) Get more employee In here to get more employee because it was needed, as we can see the employee is just three people and we think it need more employee help this mini market to develop

b) Make the building more bigger Make the building bigger so it can help the mini market get more profit. If the building is bigger ,of course the available goods will be more than before.

c) Make some event to attract the customer The mini market can make a member card to get point, or in some days, they make a promo to attract the customer like the happy new year promo, Christmas promo, and many more.

d) Get more product available in the store Get some product that not available yet, because is one of the point to attract more people to come to the mini market.

e) Make an event like discount or promo An event can attract the customer like house maid, house wife because as we know that woman are more likely to go to get daily goods for the family and it can make us get more profit.

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