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The Failure of Education Policy in the United States

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The Failure of Education Policy in the United States
The United States has always struggled to find a way to provide an education system that provides a solid educational foundation for America’s youth. The government’s use of education policies to help better America’s education system many say has failed along with politicians attempts to solve this problem. In this paper we will be searching for an answer to a question that plagues many concerned parents and many politicians as well: Has the education policy failed in the United States? In order to answer this question we must look back on the historical background of the issue, we must review the past and present policies in place and we must identify the proposed solutions. It is our intention, with this research, to understand why or why not our education policies have failed America’s youth.
There is a major problem in America and it is not one that is hard to spot if you are a concerned parent looking at your child’s test scores, a student enrolled in America’s public schools, a politician seeking to pass a new policy or even a concerned citizen, because when it comes to building a strong, intellectual country Americans’ know we need an education system that adequately prepares our youth. With so many statistics showing the decline of test scores it is not hard to identify the educational problem in America. However, there are many different beliefs as to why the education policy is failing in the United States; however, there are also some people who believe it is actually helping the U.S. Some people believe that “public education reforms fail because they are compromised or sabotaged by the education lobbies – teacher associations, administrators, and the legislators” (Hood, “The Failure of American Public Education”). Many conservatives “believe it is because of cultural and social trends, which...

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