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The Fairytale

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The Fairytale, All or Nothing

Lana Spracklin

Business 610 Organizational Behavior

Dr. Charlene Anderson

April 30, 2012

The Fairytale, All or Nothing Black or white, up or down, right or wrong, and all or nothing, morality and ethics must consist of exactness. Like Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman”, I too have always desired the fairytale. My fairytale is the promise to me of the “American Dream”, a beautiful home, a new car in the driveway, and a white picket fence. I envisioned a fun-loving family and a lucrative career in an atmosphere surrounded by colleagues who think and act in a way which is morally conscious. Establishing high ethical standards are key in creating a positive atmosphere in all organizations. There are a multitude of influences, both internal and external which impact ethical behavior within businesses. All businesses can influence employee’s ethical behavior by developing rules and guidelines which are based on strong foundation of moral standards. In a recent edition of Ethical Corporation’s Magazine, in an article titled “Morally bankrupt or great place to work?” Mallen Baker quotes a former Goldman Sachs partner as blogging, “many people in the past few years had told her that the firm was emphasizing profits over character,” (Baker, 2012). These actions are not the position I would expect from such a major business leader. Ethical issues are questioned by the public, the businesses, and legal authorities daily. In the fairytale of my dreams, these three entities work together in harmony to create an atmosphere of ethical behavior which is based on the belief of all or nothing. Organizations which operate in an atmosphere of high ethical standards utilize this pattern as a tool to ensure predictability. This predictability allows all levels of an…...

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